Diaries of an Earth Cruiser


My name is Nicky Prosser.  I lead an outdoor club called Earth Cruisers.

I started this club in the southern part of New Jersey where the mysterious Pine Barrens grow and call home.  We hike, we bike and we paddle through this area and sometimes we sleep over night there.  I grew up near the marshes and inlets of the Jersey Shore near Ocean City.  So of course I lure my fellow Earth Cruisers to paddle through those waters as well.   At the end of our day we find an establishment willing to take scruffy wet people who are hungry and thirsty and we sit and learn more about each other and plan another adventure outside.  Because we all know that this is real life.  This meeting and playing outside is oxygen for our souls.  And this is why we come back and do it again as much as possible.

So I want to start recording these trips and share the pictures we all take so that maybe others will be inspired to take up a paddle, or buy a good pair of boots, or even go crazy and buy some outdoor gear for spending more than a day out there.  Too many of us are stuck in a rut of social media, mindless T. V., or just steeped in depression and stressful loops. Yet, all the while the front door holds the key to real happiness and it’s calling you  to open it up and go outside and play.  Going out is really going within.  I stole that line from John Muir, my outdoor hero.  Read what I post and look at our photos coming soon.  I am also starting a group in Florida in the near future…watch for what comes.

Feel free to contact me and join us on our next Adventure.

left to right : New Hampshire, The Pine Barrens

down: Ocean City NJ,  and Ithica, NY


1 thought on “Diaries of an Earth Cruiser

  1. Beautiful pictures and places!


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