Here to fight another day

I’m going to share a personal story with you all. It’s about not giving up and staying focused, as well as being in touch with the Higher Power of our Universe. My main message will be to make sure you get and stay healthy…because it’s our responsibility to take care of the Body and mind we have been gifted. And in these days we are in, those tools will be necessary for survival.
Without the grim details here it is: I was seriously injured in a firearm accident less than 4 months ago. I am still carrying the bullet in me because it might be too risky to take it out.
I’m going to go into the details in my Earth Cruisers Blog and website at a later date. I was alone when I got shot and I survived because I was able to quickly and calmly assess my situation and get help quickly. But there was also a Divine intervention and I received help quicker than I expected and those details I will save for later. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a good support system, a spiritual connection, and mostly: a healthy lifestyle of good food, supplements and activities that keep you strong. I have two close friends that are also experiencing health challenges and we all feel the same…we will get through it because of who we are inside. The point of of this is: as I grow better and recover, I keep feeling like we all need to fight for ourselves and advocate for ourselves and become Warriors in these days more than ever. We have God Given Rights to Health, Peace and the pursuit of happiness. There are monsters running this Planet that want the human population vastly reduced and enslaved. If we don’t stand up now and realize the Scope of our situation, than be prepared to be forced into life threatening situations that you weren’t prepared for.
I’m going to document the Rally on Saturday in Washington DC and talk to people about the situation we all find ourselves in. I wish most humans realized that government is inherently Evil and the Founding Fathers first said that, not me. I feel compelled to go because we are facing crushing Tyranny and I want to network and document the pulse of others so I can share with you all what people are feeling…because you all should be feeling something right now. It’s not a time to be indifferent. It’s time to learn the Truth about real Freedom, Natural Law and what steps are needed to ensure our children and grandchildren have a chance to keep living in a beautiful world.

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