This is about you as well as about me.  This is a site where I hope you can be inspired and decide that maybe there is something that is calling you to live a more authentic life. Maybe some of you are doing that now and I wish you all the best and please share with me, when you can, how you got there.   I find that writing down what rings my bell helps me create a road map of where I want to be and how I plan to get there.

Traveling around and being outside helps me think clearly to hear that “voice.”

So I will just share with you the places I go to and maybe you can get there too if you like what I have posted.

Either way, please listen to the call –the call that you hear when things are quiet…

the gut feeling that tells you to go down “that” road, not “this” road…

And any time you want to join me and give me ideas, or share your thoughts or just want to trek with me…let me know friend.



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